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  • Finn McGillicuddy
  • Marco Di Iorio
  • Charlie White
  • Thomas Carnevale

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Stem Project - Bradfield Park Recreational Space

Welcome! Our assignment this time was, as you know it, was to design a recreational space at Bradfield Park. Our group’s business name was OVEA Co. because it sounded cool. In our group there was me (Charlie White), Finn McGillicudy, Marco Di Orio and Thomas Carnevale. We chose to design a space that suited the needs of both adults and children. We did this so adults could go there and relax, whilst theirs kids had fun and played around. We hope you enjoy our presentation and hope you think that our design is fun, awesome, great and enjoyable.


Relationship To The Cammeraygal People

Bradfield park is a diverse park once being planned as a garden suburb . Now it is used as a dynamic park for picnics or/and a break after touring the main highlights of Sydney. 100s of 1000s of years ago the Cammeraygal People used the space under the modern Harbour Bridge as a gathering place and meeting space. It has a Southern and Northern Park with the Southern Park being under the bridge, and including a kids park and play area. The Northern Park includes a bowling green and a Heritage Walk.

What Our Design Will Include

Our design will include many features suited for the needs of both adults and children. We will have a slide shaped like an ‘S’ and it will be an enclosed tube that goes past the road. We also have a garden and a swing set as well as a see-saw. The see-saw and swing set are based for the children, whilst the garden is aimed at adults. In the middle of our design will be a huge climbing tower/frame. This will be shaped as a square - pyramid and there will be a half - sphere at the top. The purpose of this is allow people to have a great view of the Sydney Harbour. Our design will have 12 pop-up stalls, not only for US to earn money, but for the people who are visiting it to be able to purchase things, whilst they visit the park (recreational park). We propose that our design will be 28m (length) by 24m (width) so we can easily fit all of our designs and ideas into the space. We will also include 3 sets of binoculars with the Sydney Harbour behind them so you can view the sparkling and glistening sea with ease. We will include a awesome monkey-bar course as it will a) let the users have fun and b) let them have some core work as well as arm strength. We will also include 4 bubblers for ease of getting water and we also have 3 barbecues so families can have lunch and maybe dinner here. It would stretch the park’s diversity and also it would make the park more unique.

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